Good Hope Cattle
Contact: Caitlin Kryder and Matthew Kryder
Address: 17825 County Road 29 Oak Creek, CO, 80467
Email Address:
Phone: 970-736-1198
About Us
Good Hope Cattle is located in Oak Creek, Colorado on the historic Last Chance Ranch. Good Hope Cattle raises Heritage Aberdeen Black Angus Cattle on there unique ranch property which is surrounded primarily by the Routt National Forest. Husband and wife team ,Matthew and Caitlin Kryder are members of The American Angus Association and the Midline Angus Association. Their mission is to raise heritage cattle that thrive at high elevations and continually produce tender flavorful 100% grass-fed and finished Black Angus Beef, with no added hormones, no antibiotics and no grains.

The Last Chance Ranch is composed of rolling irrigated native grass pastures, beautiful aspen woods and deep pine forests. Historic water right on the Last Chance Ditch via Trout Creek allows for Summer irrigation on native pastures. Several springs on the property keep clean healthy water flowing year around for the ranch to utilize for livestock.

Wildlife are abundant throughout the ranch from cranes, bald eagle, coyote, fox, mountain lion, bear, mouse, elk and deer.
Good Hope Cattle's Ranch Practices are based around the natural cycle of the cattle and the land. Our cattle graze on grass every day of the year and are never confined indoors. They are never fed grain or any byproducts. Just native grasses and local alfalfa, salt, minerals and kelp. Cattle that are to be slaughtered for beef are never given antibiotics. Pastures are divided into appropriates sized paddocks for continual rotational grazing. Cattle are naturally bred with our selected bulls for a calving date that coincides with the local elk and deer calving timeline in the area, May-June. Our cattle are extremely docile, have amazing maternal instinct, birth small calves naturally and continually produce well marbled high quality beef.

Matthew's degree at CSU for Natural Resource Management has instilled a high level of devotion towards his livestock and land. All cattle are born and raised at the Last Chance Ranch and 100% GRASS-FED and GRASS-FINISHED. All bulls, cows and heifers are all registered through the AAA. Good Hope Cattle's Sire bloodlines can be traced back to the greatest bulls ever registered into the Irish Aberdeen-Angus Association; Cullen Victory and Cregga Vincent. Our cattle thrive on our high county native grass pastures and can withstand the harsh long winters at approximately 8,600 ft in elevation. Good Hope Cattle also sells tested bulls through a private treaty agreement. Please visit us at and call 970-736-1198 for any questions. Beef sales can be directly made through Good Hope Cattle if the Friday pick up day is unattainable for you through the Community Agriculture Alliance services.