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Mountain Paw Bakery
Contact: Diana Crowley
Address: PO Box 882596 Steamboat, CO, 80488
Phone: 619-929-4830
About Us
It all started with love for dogs, organic ingredients and a tiny kitchen. Our journey started in Iowa in 2014, we opened up a natural pet food store named Zoe's Pet Deli, we specialized in healthy diets for dogs and cats.

In 2017 we launched our dog treat company, emphasizing on healthy dog treats. Four stores carried our treats and we were just starting to really grow.....but....the mountains were here we are!! We sure do miss all of our furry customers in Iowa, they helped us pick our best sellers!

Our mission is and always will be, food is medicine, this applies to our pets as well. We use all organic human- grade ingredients, we love eating the dog treats too! We have regular organic peanut butter and organic pumpkin treats, rolled oats and organic peanut butter balls, pup cakes, pupsicles, treat boxes, as well as CBD treats. Our CBD comes from a small Colorado farm right to our kitchen. We formulated our CBD treats for our Co-Founder Zoe, (who crossed the rainbow bridge in June of 2018), she had major arthritic pain. Providing natural relief for our furry friends one small batch at a time is what we do.