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Diane (Dedi) Knox
City: Clark, CO,
About Us
Never too old to learn, Knox has been studying oil painting for five years with teachers in Vermont, Utah and Steamboat. Two of her oil paintings are in the show, but her love remains in the medium of watercolor. Knox is also known for the feathers she paints — all picked up during her daily walks outside her home in Hahn’s Peak. Knox’s work can be found in homes and businesses across America and even in Europe, where she taught for several years in Great Britain. She and husband, David, raised three children in Wisconsin before moving to Hahn’s Peak 29 years ago. They both still work — she teaches art, and he runs an antiques foundation. The secret to Knox’s long career and talent for realism in watercolor can likely be traced back to her work ethic. “I’m a disciplined artist drawing every day, not one of those Bohemians,” she laughed. Even in the sometimes-chaotic life of motherhood, she always found time for her art. “Three o’clock in the morning, you wake up and do a painting from 3 a.m. to 6, give the kids breakfast, and they’re off to school,” Knox said. While not painting full time as she raised her children, Knox was known for volunteering her artistic abilities in the communities in which she lived. In fact, Hahn’s Peak has Knox to thank for running their arts and crafts fair at its popular Ice Cream Social for many years.

When not painting or drawing, Knox enjoys paddleboarding, hiking, golf and hosting her seven grandchildren during ski vacations.