Moon Hill Dairy
Address: PO Box 771676 Steamboat Springs, CO, 80477
Email Address:
Phone: 970-367-6184
About Us
Located on 300 acres at the left foot of Sleeping Giant just north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
Milk from happy cows that live on pasture and eat a grass based diet, is the basis of all our products. Our cows graze outdoors, year round, our pastures are full of native alpine grasses, clovers, and legumes.
This combination of forage (coupled with the mineral laden irrigation water located here in Yampa Valley) is a perfect food for the cows. It is nutrient-dense, high in Omega 3 fatty acids, and the rapid rate at which the grasses grow serves to concentrate all of the goodness. There is no need for our cows to consume grain, the grass we grow here is all they need for health and vitality.
Our herd is a diverse mix of heritage breed cows, known for both their rich milk, ability to thrive on grass alone, and smaller milk proteins.
‚ÄčOur girls are a mix of Brown Swiss, Jersey, Guernsey,and Normandy breeds. Low stress cows eating grass and with freedom to roam produce rich, creamy, high-quality milk that makes amazing cheese!

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