Mystic Hills Farmstead
Address: 20770 County Road 56 Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487
Phone: 303-619-8966
About Us
Mystic Hills Farmstead is a family farm in northern Routt County, Colorado ran by husband and wife team- Jack and Mikinzie Taylor. As a small family farm, we aim to bring life back to our land through thoughtful action and by implementing sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. We believe in the beauty and simplicity of knowing where our food comes from. In living off the land, we hope to live our truest, most authentic, lives while encouraging those around us to do the same. Small farms are changing how our communities connect to food, so please join us on our farming journey!
Livestock: We primarily raise sheep and cattle, but also raise meat chickens as time allows. Our sheep and cattle are 100% grass-fed, grass-finished and intensively rotationally grazed for not only improved meat quality, but also improved pastures. Our chicken is pasture raised on organic feed.

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