Hayden Fresh Farm
Contact: Colby and Michelle Townsend
Address: 36055 CR 51 Hayden , CO, 81639
Email Address:
Phone: 970-846-8875
About Us
At Hayden Fresh Farm , south of Hayden, we want to provide fresh and nutritious products from our farm to your family. We do this by providing premium nutrition, a great environment, and caring management to all of our livestock. Our layers are cage free, with plenty of room to be happy chickens and are not fed any hormones or antibiotics. In the summer, our broilers, turkeys, and pigs have fresh grass, fresh air, and plenty of room to do what makes them happy.
We worked in agriculture related businesses for over 25 years and now have been able to work on our farm on a full time basis. This is not a hobby and your satisfaction is of the utmost importance for the success of our farm. We also support other local farmers and businesses by purchasing our hay and grain in Routt County when we can’t provide it from our own land.
No antibiotics or hormones.

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