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Stanko Ranch
City: Steamboat Springs, CO,
Phone: 970-214-6941
About Us
Stanko Family Ranch has been in the Yampa Valley since 1907. The chickens are raised by Justin the youngest of the Stanko’s in the valley for his college fund. Other products are from the family ranch located just west of town.
All chicken are happy free ranged chickens that are guarded by our livestock guarding dogs, BO, Kiba and Maverick. The flock was turned over in September of 2021 and the flock consist of French Black Cooper Marans (Chocolate Eggs), Whiting Blue and Green Egg Layers, Ameraucana (Easter Egg Layers), Red Shoulder Yokohama (Small White Eggs). The chickens are feed Purina Chicken feed and what they find in the yard as they free range. All other animals products are grass fed on the ranch.

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