Alpine Bee Candles
Contact: Kristen & Greg Pappas
Address: P.O. Box 772551 42519 Fawn Way Steamboat Springs, CO, 80477
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Phone: 970-819-2269
About Us
Alpine Bee is a small, family-­owned and operated natural beeswax candle company located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Our candles were created after searching for candles that didn’t contain carcinogenic chemicals, synthetics, bleach, petroleum, metal wicks, and other unwanted ingredients we didn’t want to burn and breathe in our home. When searching for clean candles proved unsuccessful, we decided to make our own. We found local beeswax and started experimenting. After perfecting our recipe, we realized we wanted to produce healthy, long burning, locally sourced beeswax candles for others to enjoy, too. We thought about what kind of company we wanted to be; we decided to give back to the bees, via organizations raising awareness about honeybees and other pollinators and their dwindling numbers, due to disease and pesticide overuse. We then set about making more candles using containers and wicks made in the USA, and ended up with our beautiful, fresh, all natural alpine beeswax candles!
We hand pour our candles with a cause in mind…a bee cause. 5% of each sale is donated to assist various organizations in raising awareness of the plight and health of bee and other pollinator populations. The health of bees directly affects the availability of fresh food, (and honey!) and healthy flowers and trees. When you purchase Alpine Bee Candles, you are giving back to the bees.