High Country Custom Beef
Address: 74475 Routt County Road 129 Slater, CO, 81653
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Phone: 970-756-8428
About Us
High Country Custom Beef produces Grass raised or Grain finished Black Angus Beef that comes from Ely Ranch located in North West Routt County. High Country Custom Beef is a family owned and operated business with 5 generations of experience to back it. Our cattle are raised on lush mountain pastures with plenty of protection, feed, and water for all of our animals to share. The beef on our operation are constantly being improved through selection of premium sires that produce optimum meat characteristics so that our customers can have the best eating experience possible. We take pride in ensuring that both our cattle and our customers are cared for to the best of our abilities. Day or night, we are there to help in any way we can.
Cattle are raised on well maintained pastures throughout their life. We vaccinate our cattle against illnesses, just as humans do, to ensure that our animals live a healthy life and don't ever have to suffer. All animals on the Ely Ranch are treated with the utmost respect and all employees are instructed to follow Beef Quality Assurance guidelines to guarantee safety for both the livestock and the workers. Cattle are branded through a chute system, instead of rope and drag, to reduce as much stress as possible to the animals. We are consistently on the lookout for predator animals (coyotes and mountain lions) to ensure that cattle are not injured in any way. In the feedlot, cattle are fed premium cattle feed consisting of roughage and grain so that they may grow at a healthy rate. This process take a great load of attentiveness as the incorrect ratio causes the cattle to build up gasses in their stomach. That is why we pay constant attention to our feed rations and there is someone checking on them continuously to make sure herd health is at its best.