Bears Ears Ranch
Address: 46590 Rock Springs Ln Hayden, CO, 81639
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Phone: 970-819-7310
About Us
Hi, I’m Phill! (Also known as PK on the mountain.) I bought Bears Ears Ranch in 2021 and am finally living my dream owning a ranch where I can rebuild the land and protect the water supply by using regenerative techniques. Every product I produce is with nature, the animals, and the community in mind. It’s not always easy, but I’m loving all (*most*) minutes of this journey. I appreciate your support as I grow my business. Every purchase you make contributes to my plan of building a low- to no-impact, off-grid operation, with goals of carbon storage and minimizing all burdens to the already-stressed water supply.

I hope you’ll come visit the ranch someday soon. You’re welcome any time to meet the heifers and to see how things are done. Shoot me an email! I’m also taking orders for half and whole heifers for the spring. If you have access to freezer storage, you can save big on your beef supply for next year. (Order by springtime; get your beef in the fall.)

All my products come from hormone and antibiotic free, grass fed, grass finished, well-loved, stress-free heifers!
Bears Ears Ranch is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality products and experiences, through regenerative, kindness-driven practices. These include grass-fed and grass-finished beef from well-cared-for animals, raised in an antibiotic- and chemical-free environment using methods that regenerate the land, soil, and water. The Ranch also offers interactive, educational, and life-enhancing hunting, fishing, camping, and snowsports experiences.