Lucky 8 Ranch
Contact: Dwayne Osadchuk
Address: 23850 Tobiano Trail Oak Creek, CO, 80467
Email Address:
Phone: 970-846-5592
About Us
Our Mission: The revival of a once endangered species and the reclamation of the American farmland, by practicing Holistic Management while being environmental conscious and involving the community. We will provide the highest quality Original American Red Meat and other produce!

Who We Are:
Nestled in the valley of Trout Creek, one mans dream became a reality. We manage over 1000 acres of pasture for our growing herd of 90 Bison. They are pasture raised, grass fed, grass finished. All natural, no hormones (by federal law), no antibiotics, and no stimulants. Bison meat is leaner, carries less fat, calories, and cholesterol, and is richer in flavor than most other meats, including beef and chicken. We also sell Bison By-Products: Bison Fiber, Bones, Horn Caps, Skulls, and Hides.

As a fun side project we raise a current flock of 60 laying hens and 6 ducks. Our chickens are cage free and pasture raised. Our Chickens live in a palace equipped with electricity and water. They have two spacious runs that they roost in when it is nice out. The palace has automatic doors that open in the morning with the sunrise and close with the setting sun at night to keep them safe from predators. They are not fenced in and are allowed to roam anywhere they please. We feed them a vegetarian diet of layer pellets and scratch and pasture grass. They even have toys to play with when they are board. We raise happy and stress free chickens which you will be able to see in the color of the yolks and taste in the flavor of the egg.

We also have Alpacas and Horses.
Holistic! What is Holistic? Holistic management is the process of managing people, funds, animals, and land in harmony and balance within its own whole and the other wholes it interacts with. Instead of just managing livestock we manage an entire ecosystem. With efficient grazing and encouraging natural processes to occur, we maximize the use of our land. We no longer spray chemicals such as herbicides or pesticides. By encouraging natural processes in the land it makes encourages the growth of the biodiversity among our pastures by bringing in new species of anything from bugs to birds to large game.