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Cooking Until the Cows Come Home
Contact: Cara A. Iacovetto
Address: 37350 RCR 179 Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487
Phone: 970-846-5274
About Us
Hi! My name is Cara Iacovetto. I live on Saddleback Ranch in Steamboat Springs with my husband and two beautiful daughters. "Cooking Until the Cows Come Home" is all about my life on the ranch, my passion for baking, and my love for sharing generations of recipes from the women in my life who taught me everything I know. I want to show honor to them by sharing my pies, breads, cookies, and candies with you. I love how food can you take back in time to special memories. Thanks for reading! I'll be here... "Cooking Until The Cows Come Home"
I like to use fresh, local produce when available for my baked goods. I believe that the best quality ingredients is what makes my products so good. I am a firm believer in eating with your eyes first, so all of my baked goods look as delicious as they taste! I like to package my products in a way that is beautiful enough to gift. I say give the gift of pie - to yourself or someone else!

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