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5K Ranch
Contact: Mona and Jon Gibson
Address: Po Box 774368 Steamboat Springs, CO, 80477
Phone: 908-759-6163
About Us
Grass fed and grass finished Akaushi Waygu Beef from
5K Ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado


About us:
5K Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch in the Deep Creek Valley near Steamboat Springs in Northwest Colorado. With over 500 acres of pasture, our cattle are grass fed and grass finished.

At 5K Ranch we have certified Akaushi Cattle. Akaushi cattle are one of the four breeds of Waygu, famed for their superior marbling and tenderness. The term Waygu is used to refer to Japanese breeds of cattle used for beef production. The intramuscular fat (or marbling) in Akaushi meat contains and abundance of heart-healthy mono-saturated fats such as oleic acid, an amino acid commonly found in olive oil. This creates a sumptuous buttery flavor on the palate. The meat is delicious and has a dedicated following.

We offer 1/4 and 1/2 share subscriptions as well as individual cuts. To order, click on the "Product List" button and begin shopping. To learn more about the CAA Market, click on "Home."


We use rotational grazing at our ranch. It is more sustainable and improves the pasture quality. Rotational grazing mitigates greenhouse gas emissions and improves soil, plant and cattle health. Our cattle are moved frequently and now run over to their new pasture eager to have the fresh grass.