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Titania's TeaHouse
Contact: Katie and Annali Fuchs-Wackowski
Address: PO Box 478 Oak Creek, CO, 80467
Phone: 970-875-4748
About Us
Titania's Tea House is a married team of two tea and herbalism lovers looking to blend the classic and whimsical in our drinkable and edible offerings. We are particularly committed to allowing the natural ingredients we use to speak for themselves and never add preservatives or man-made flavorings beyond essential oils to our blends. Although we source our tea and herbs from a variety of locations, all blends are hand-crafted with love right from Oak Creek. While we hope to eventually start a tea house in Steamboat, we are proud to introduce ourselves to the community by offering our home-crafted tea, herbal tisanes, and baked goods through CAA!