Bee Grateful Farm
Contact: Hethir & Jason Rodriguez
Address: 29875 County Road 35a Oak creek, CO, 80467
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Phone: 970-819-8841
About Us
The Farm
Bee Grateful Farm/Yampaca is a new community vegetable farm focused on growing tasty, nutrient dense, wholesome vegetables. We use both greenhouses and field growing to extend the seasons, planning to provide food year round for our community. Run as a family farm, Jason and Hethir Rodriguez work the fields together with the help of Jason's parents. We also offer handcrafted knit hats using humanely raised alpaca fiber to ensure the highest quality hats possible.

Farmer Hethir, is a nutritionist and herbalist who has a passion for health, nutrition and delicious food. She obsesses over seed varieties, salad mixes and the nursery.

Farmer Jason, former chef and foodie, is obsessed with fresh flavor and getting our veggies out of the field heat and into our refrigerated trailer minutes after harvest. You can look forward to our vegetable offerings starting in 2018.

We feel the minimum requirement for farming sustainably and wellness is to grow our products organically. Bee Grateful Farm is in process of getting our Organic Certification.

Deep and Intensive
We focus beyond the minimum of taking the steps to certify our farm as organic and use intensive planting and growing techniques. We grow in the field from April to late fall and our hoop houses will produce vegetables year round. We are able to do this because our main focus is on soil health and nutrient rich soil.

Soil is life. One of our main focuses is on the soil health and mineral balance/content of our soil which makes for a really flavorful and nutritious vegetable. We test our soil annually and make amendments to have optimal amounts of nutrients and soil life.

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