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Bee Grateful Farm
Contact: Hethir & Jason Rodriguez
Address: 29875 County Road 35a Oak creek, CO, 80467
Phone: 970-819-8841
About Us

Bee Grateful Farm is a 100% Natural vegetable farm located right outside of Steamboat Springs, Co. at 7200 feet altitude. We are passionate about soil health, nutrient dense veggies and herbs.

Meet the Farmers
Farmers Jason and Hethir Rodriguez started Bee Grateful Farm in 2018 after moving to 50 acres right outside of town. They are passionate about healthy foods and fresh flavors.

As a former cook, Jason brings a love for the culinary arts and enjoys seeing his customers reactions to the flavors of our nutrient dense foods, especially our arugula!

Hethir is an herbalist and nutritionist, so her passion is in nurturing the soil health so the veggies grown are the most nutritious as possible. “It’s not just about grown clean food, with organic standards, it’s about going above and beyond so the food we are growing is the most nutritious it can be… and that starts with the soil”.

It’s All About the Soil
Bee Grateful Farm puts a lot of focus on the soil health and preserving all of the living organisms that help to make the nutrients in the soil absorbable for the plants. That is one reason that they mostly farm by hand. They use a push hand tractor for breaking ground for the first time, but then that bed will never be tilled again so they can preserve the soil life that takes up residence there. “When we were preparing to start the farm two years ago, we sent in soil samples for testing to see what we were working with.” Hethir shares. “We got a call from the soil consultant and he said it was one of the best soil results he has seen in the state of Colorado. This came from someone who could have sold me truckloads of soil amendments, but he said we would need none.”

A Purpose Driven Farm for the Community
The Rodriguez’s started the farm for two main reasons. The first was to have access to the healthiest, local food possible; and the second was to connect with the community through food and farm events. “The farming lifestyle is one that many people show interest in, but not everyone has access to.

We created the farm as a way to connect with our community through good food, spending time with nature and enjoying the experience of slow food and artisan lifestyle.” Hethir goes on to share about their experience while traveling internationally for a year and being exposed to many different countries agricultural cultures. Two places had a big impact. The first was France. The romantic farmers markets and their handmade artisan products, made everyday activities like eating lunch or applying lotion become an experience.

Another country that has inspired Hethir has been Thailand and the variety of fresh foods used in their everyday meals. She hopes to bring a similar experience to those who connect with the farm and their products.

100% Naturally Grown

Focused on Soil Health

Growing Nutritious Food for Our Community

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