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Kanyini Farm
Contact: Dirk Spafford, Mark Haight, Gail Haight, Tony Haight
Address: 42850 McGuire Ln PO Box 201 Hayden, CO, 81639
Phone: 970-819-2443
About Us
We have a greenhouse operation just north of Hayden Colorado. Our large greenhouse is 42'x100' with a 42'x30' shop. Everything is full automated with environmental controls. It has 15 rolling benches where we produce a variety of veggies and greens along with cut flowers. We have a secondary hoop house greenhouse that's 30'x96'. Also filled with veggies and cut flowers.
Our farm practices is organic and sustainable. We use neem and predator bugs for bug contol, no harsh chemicals, we're not into that. All nutrients are organic based and currently working on creating a sustainable nutrient system directly on the Farm. Everything is grown with love love, respect and care!!