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Elkstone Farm
Contact: Terry Huffington
Address: 40345 Virtus Way P. O. Box 776197 Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487
Phone: 970-870-9300
About Us
Elkstone Farm is a permaculture-inspired farm located in Strawberry Park, Steamboat Springs. We use sustainable practices to build the health of our soil and, in turn, raise healthy, flavorful fruits, vegetables and herbs. We offer our produce fresh as well as incorporated into delectable baked goods and other value-added products. We are committed to offering our community the best our farm can produce and sharing what we learn along the way. We have a number of different growing environments in which we grow more traditional annual and perennial fruits (apples, cherries, berries, etc.), vegetables (greens, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc.), and herbs(culinary and medicinal), as well as more atypical Mediterranean plants such as citrus and figs.
We use all natural products and lots of compost. We use crop rotation and cover cropping with green manure or nitrogen fixers to help maintain soil health. We rely on beneficial insects to aid us in combating pest problems, as well as for pollination. We import these good bugs and also plant habitats that entice and support bees, ladybugs,and other beneficial insects. We plant in patterns that enable the plants to support each other, the way a natural forest occurs, with upper-stories of trees, mid-stories of berry bushes, and under-stories of herbs, vegetables, and cover crops. We call our outdoor gardens \Fruit Forests\" because that's what they are! We grow year round in our three unheated hoop houses and our greenhouse. The greenhouse is engineered to maximize passive solar heat and is supplemented by a pellet stove."

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