Laur's Farm
Contact: Laurie Kuelthau
Address: PO Box 881180 Steamboat Springs, CO, 80488
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Phone: 970-879-7797
About Us
Spring is here! Our flock is enjoying sun and birdsong near Elk Mountain, scratching and dusting in the dirt under the shed roof in the corral on sunny days and wandering further afield in the spring grasses. The black australorp, white rock, red star, barred rock, buff orpington and araucana hens lay brown and blue eggs. Come fall, my new speckled sussex and buff rock chicks will join the flock and begin laying. Extra tomato starts are enjoying the greenhouse on these chilly mornings and growing strong roots after being re-potted into 1 gallon containers on May 18. This should allow them to be healthy and happy until it's warm enough to be planted outside.

Vegetarian chicken feed is supplemented with vegetable scraps and greens. Hens are let out to roam the barnyard and pastures every day under the watchful eye of our livestock guardian dog, Ruya.