Laur's Farm
Contact: Laurie Kuelthau
Address: PO Box 881180 Steamboat Springs, CO, 80488
Email Address:
Phone: 970-879-7797
About Us
Our flock is enjoying scratching and dusting in the dirt under the shed roof in the corral on sunny days at our home near Elk Mountain. The hens wander the fields around the barn in summer, chasing grasshoppers and foraging. In winter, snowy days don't stop the girls from laying brown and blue/green eggs. The flock includes black australorp, white rock, speckled Sussex, barred rock, buff orpington, araucana, silver-laced wyandotte, sapphire and cinnamon hens.

The greenhouse and garden provide year-round organically grown produce and seedlings. In the spring, I'll often have extra tomato seedlings for sale; later in the season, I may have radishes, hot peppers, summer squash, lettuce and more.

Vegetarian chicken feed is supplemented with vegetable scraps and greens. Hens are let out to roam the barnyard and pastures every day under the watchful eye of our livestock guardian dogs, Anatolian shepherds Ruya and Kiba. Coyotes, bears and foxes stay a healthy distance away with our dogs on duty!

Organic growing practices are implemented in the greenhouse and outside garden, including use of beneficial insects to control pests.

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