Herbivore's Kitchen
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About Us
Food has always been a hobby for me. I’ve always loved to cook…and eat. In recent years, that love has grown to include more and more food-related activities. I’m a food science nerd... I geek out over food styling (I actually have a color wheel so that the color of my napkins complements my food) and I’m learning more and more about food photography every day.

My path to becoming a “vegan” (more on those quotes below) started when I accidentally attended a lecture on plant-based eating. A friend of mine asked me to join her for a speaking event called The Anti-Inflammatory Kitchen. I felt bad because I thought that meant she had bad gas, so I went. During that lecture, I learned that an anti-inflammatory diet had little to do with having gas and a lot to do with eating to live well.

While my decision to change to a plant-based diet started out for health reasons, it’s now largely fueled by environmental concerns. As you’ll see below, I’m a huge fan of spending time outdoors. It only makes sense that I make decisions that reflect that. Did you know that eating plant-based is one of the easiest ways to make a big difference?