Mountain Meadow Soaps
Contact: Dana Haskins
Address: 575 W. Washington Ave Hayden, CO, 81639
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Phone: 970-276-3338
About Us
Homemade soap has intrigued me for years. While my kids were still at home I made soap at a very slow pace for about 8 years. But now that they are movin' out I have pulled out all the stops! There is so much room for creativity. I am happiest when I am in my shop making soap!
I create my own, original recipes with local honey, coffee, licorice, corn meal, liquid silk, or lanolin. Some bars are made with LOCAL BEAR FAT obtained during hunting seasons in the fall.All soap is made with natural, non-hydrogenated oils and fats and cosmetic grade colorants. No phosphates. Customers who are sensitive to most soap tell me they can use Mountain Meadow Soap with no problems. Some also use it instead of shampoo.