M&M Custom Grazing
Address: PO Box 1340 Hayden, CO, 81639
Email Address:
Phone: 970-846-5375
About Us
M&M Custom Grazing is a cattle grazing operation in North Routt County run by Matthew and Mandy Gordon. The beef is grass fed and finished.
At M&M Custom Grazing we seek to promote pasture-based, animal agriculture, as a tool for restoring landscapes while building resilient ecosystems and local food communities. We utilize portable electric fence, rotating our cattle often. Moving the animals frequently has a myriad of benefits for the land and the finished product. By keeping the animals in a small area for a short time we expose the land to the positive impacts of grazing animals. Then, the animals are moved, allowing for the crucial rest period required to promote regeneration. Secondly, exposing cattle to fresh grass on a daily basis increases appetite, resulting in maximum forage consumption and daily weight gain.

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