Fair Acres Ranch
Contact: Benjamin and Abigail Hoffner
Address: 29400 County Road 14 Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487
Email Address:
Phone: 970-879-0456
About Us
Fair Acres Ranch is a 100 year old ranch in the south valley of Steamboat Springs. At one time it was one of the dairy's in the valley and is a fertile paradise. In 2015 we decided to get back to the land, start to make our own food and raise our two young children with a focus on hard work and land stewardship. Benj's family arrived in the valley in 1903 and after a generation of not farming we are carrying forward the families old farming tradition.
We work hard to make sure that our animals are raised in their natural environments. We lease pasture for cattle grazing to mow down the grass so all of the other animals can use the pasture to the best of their abilities. Our hens are raised in mobile chicken houses and are moved every couple of days to new pasture. We also have turkey's, broilers, pigs and the occasional horse, cat and dog. We hope you enjoy our products and come back for more.