Innovative Regeneration Colorado
City: Phippsburg, CO,
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About Us
Innovative Regeneration Colorado has been a business under development since owner, Mark Berkley, started growing and distributing microgreens to the local food industry (Innovative Ag Colorado). Inspired by food waste within his own agricultural business, Mark began exploring alternatives to improve his impact on the earth…

In a rapidly populated world, land is precious. Minimizing contributions to landfills is becoming a hot bed for new businesses in sustainability. Innovative Regeneration Colorado seeks to provide a service not currently offered in Routt County as well as surrounding counties (i.e. Grand, Moffatt, Summit, etc.) – one that transforms food waste to compost, reducing contributions to landfills.
Innovative Regeneration Colorado’s goal is to begin its pilot program collecting and turning food-waste to compost as early as Summer 2020. Once the pilot program is proven and smoothly running, Innovative Regeneration Colorado envisions becoming an expanded food-waste service provider to all of Routt County. As the trend for other resort towns and rural communities in the state of Colorado is set by Routt County, aspirations of exploring market potential in other surrounding areas will be explored. Again, building on the strong community and market connections that Innovative Ag Colorado has built with expansion of its operation as a foot in the door, Innovative Regeneration Colorado has the opportunity to become as common in food-waste prevention as trash bags to trash cans.