Area 51 Farms
Contact: Ben Williams
Address: 413 Meadow Brook Ct. PO Box 115 Hayden, CO, 81639
Email Address:
Phone: 970-846-8657
About Us
We are a 3rd generation family farm located south of Hayden, Colorado surrounded by county roads 51, 51B, 51C, and 51D, hence the name Area 51 Farms. Operating on 2,500 acres, producing alfalfa, wheat, safflower and fresh locally raised lamb. We have locally raised grain fed lamb for sale, available in whole or half lamb as well as individual cuts. All products are USDA inspected at processor.

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Locally Raised Lamb
Our lamb is born, raised and fed in the Yampa Valley. The lambs we raise have spent their entire life in the Yampa Valley and have only consumed products grown in the Yampa Valley. From the lush grass the lambs graze on during the summer months to the alfalfa they are fed throughout the winter, and finally to the rations of grain when finishing them to ensure the best quality meat, is all grown on Area 51 Farms right here in the Yampa Valley. Our lamb is unique from other locally raised lamb because we can feed them grain that is grown on our farm. Most producers feeding their lamb grain will use corn that has to be shipped in from an area with a climate suitable for growing corn. Instead we feed our lamb wheat that we grow.