Halcyon Farm
Contact: Sharon Skwarek & Don Thompson
Address: 3059 County Road 35 Craig, CO, 81625
Email Address:
Phone: 970-824-6409
About Us
Halcyon Farm is a Yampa Valley ranch located in the pastoral Breeze Basin area of Craig. We have a modest commercial Angus beef herd as well as a small herd of registered Jersey and Miniature Jersey dairy cows. These dairy cows are my passion and in order to deal with my annual milk overflow, I raise veal calves.

Our livestock are our livelihood and we care for our animals as we would our own children. Each and every animal is given the best of feeds and attention. They have ample pasture and access to fresh, flowing water at all times.
We are ethically and humanely conscious Yampa Valley ranchers, committed to raising sustainable rose veal. Our calves are raised in social groups on native grass/alfalfa pasture and roomy paddocks. They are bottle or cow fed between 1.5 and 2 gallons of rich, creamy Jersey milk daily, along with our own prime quality hay and a small amount of grain to supplement nutrition and promote growth. Our calves are naturally raised with their health and well-being of utmost importance.

Farm visits encouraged--by appointment only.