Elk River Custom Meats
Address: 2464 Downhill Dr #2 Steamboat, CO, 80487
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Phone: 970-871-7975
About Us
Elk River Custom meats is located at 2464 Downhill Dr in Steamboat. We have been in business for over 10 years.
We are a USDA inspected plant, specializing in custom sausage for wholesale to restaurants, as well as retail to individuals. All of our specialty sausage is produced by culinary chefs.

Elk River Custom Meats welcomes new customers and chefs with creative ideas for your own House Recipes or special events.

"Let your culinary mind imagine and let us do the work!"

In addition, we specialize in the processing of wild game and domestic animals and welcome ranchers and farmers.

Have pigs? We'll buy them!