Meg's Eggs
Address: PO Box 182 Hayden, CO, 81639
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Phone: 970-367-6403
About Us
Our family is passionate about sustainable practices, preserving and growing food,and growing community. We raise chickens, honeybees, veggies, fruit, and saltwater fish and corals on our .25 acre micro-homestead in Hayden, CO. Our little circus also includes red heelers, a cat, a giant English lop rabbit, and a mustang (horse). Our flock of chickens includes Barred Rocks, Ameracaunas, Goldens, and Whiting True Blue laying hens. These ladies lay an artful dozen, in a variety of colors and shapes, and all of our animals enjoy lots of love and roaming the yard together.
These chickies enjoy organic feed, plenty of fresh greens and veggie scraps, and foraging for berries, bugs, and other goodies in the yard and gardens, as well as dust-bathing under the big cottonwood tree. We love our ladies and hope you will, too!