Little Penny Cart
Contact: Tim & Nissa Brodman
Address: 47080 RCR 129 Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487
Email Address:
Phone: 970-846-5631
About Us
We raise all our livestock in the most humane and natural environment possible. Our laying chickens are free range and raised on unmedicated, local feed. Our ducks are free range (with full access to our creek) and raised on organic grain. Our grass-fed and grass-finished beef are raised without hormones or antibiotics. Our hogs are raised on pasture and scraps from local restaurants (living like omnivore kings!) and even till our garden at the end of the season! We believe in sustainable farming and hope you will come and see our farm!
We try to close the loop as much as possible. We are avid followers of Joel Salatin and we believe in and try to practice sustainable farming methods. We believe that you should know where your food came from SO COME AND VISIT US! Come milk a goat, butcher a chicken, gather an egg, or pet a bull!