Kilt Farm
Contact: Michael and Cayla Moss
Address: 3812 Howe Court Boulder , CO, 80301
Email Address:
Phone: 970-846-6233
About Us
Kilt Farm is located in Boulder County and our focus is growing nutrient dense food in soil that is vibrant and alive. In order to grow the best food possible we nurture the land by balancing minerals and nutrients in the soil while we build the biology in the soil using compost teas. It is our belief that healthy soil biology provides the plants all of the nutrients necessary to develop with health. strength, vitality and most importantly, flavor.

We are able to minimize pest and disease pressures on our farm by managing and building soil health which allows us to reduce our use of organic pesticides to near zero. We want to work in a healthy environment, leaving the land better after every growing season and in turn grow the best food for our customers.
We are a USDA Certified Organic Farm. We also use biodynamic principals, compost teas, foliar feeding and rotational practices to grow the healthiest foods possible.