Cloverdale Farm
Contact: Patrick Ayres
Address: PO Box 776268 Steamboat Springs, CO, 80477
Email Address:
Phone: 970-846-2462
About Us
Cloverdale Farm is the brainchild of Chef/Owner Patrick Ayres, who along with his team, is working to create a locally-based, farm-to-restaurant business in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. One of the first of its kind, Cloverdale Restaurant intends to be the benchmark for Colorado fine dining, using the best ingredients that we can grow, as well as sourcing from local farmers. The farm is located on the northwest corner of Hwy 131 and CR 22, in the heart of the Yampa Valley, just a few miles south of downtown. 2016 was our first official season of operation.

Cloverdale Farm currently operates on approximately one-half acre of field production, in addition to having several perennial gardens and a small greenhouse for growing more cold-sensative crops.
Although not "certified organic," Cloverdale Farm employs biodynamic, organic principles for its growing operations and sources organic, non-gmo seeds to grow a wide range of produce. Soil health and land stewardship is of utmost importance to us, and thus, no herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers are used. Instead, we find ways to work with mother nature, taking our cues from her innate wisdom, and doing our best to work with and not against her. Hand weeding, the use of beneficial plants and insects, application of annual soil amendments, crop rotation, cover cropping, crop diversity and minimal tillage techniques are a few of the practices we employ.