Butcherknife Farms LLC
Address: 40800 CR 68 Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487
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Phone: 970-757-4325
About Us
Butcherknife farms raises free range pigs just outside of steamboat springs. Our pigs are only fed locally grown wheat and alfalfa. They are all watered from the fresh natural springs on our 60 acre property. The pigs are a cross breed of Mangdalista we call patriot pork, the cross is with Berkshire then crossed back with the Mangdalista and has ensured our rich red marbled meat stays exceptional and our brilliant white fat stays pure and nutritious.
The animals are raised in a positive environment with much love and plenty of space. Many of the pigs roll over for belly rubs most want to play and be treated as special and ask to be pet behind the ears often. We raise pigs on all levels and have piglets to full grown pigs for sale year round, we also have herds. P.S. It takes 3 to 4 days to potty train a young pig to alert at the door when it wants to go out. They are more than perfect for 4h.
We are a no concrete no negativity farm we follow all the best management practices, and want everyone to experience the wonderful flavors of our patriot pork.
I am owner and employee and my previous career before switching to raising kids and now adding our pig farm was being a chef. So nutrition and wholesome upbringing is important to me and has been brought to fruition through every available opportunity on our farm. we are now assisting in a go green initiative utilizing unsold produce from local stores to supplement our pigs nutrient intake. Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.