Lay Valley Bison
Address: 19727 CR 17 Craig, CO, 81625
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Phone: 970-824-9207
About Us
Lay Valley Bison Ranch was established in 1978 as a result of a conversation at a local
Craig watering hole with an old mountain man acquaintance. He stated that buffalo
were hard on ranges, water holes and fences. “You can never domesticate ‘em”, he
said. Dan Martin responded “Buffalo are just another animal and how they act depends
on how you treat them.” That comment sparked the challenge to prove his point and in
the west, once you make a stand, you don’t dare back down. Dan Martin didn’t and he
has been the proud owner of bison for over 40 years.
Lay Valley Bison Ranch raises bison, sells bison meat (packages, halves and quarters)
to those who value naturally raised meat. We also sell bison byproducts such as skulls
and robes and offer bison hunts.
Visitors are always welcome (by appointment, please) at Lay Valley Bison Ranch
located 18 miles west of Craig, on US Highway 40 at Lay, Colorado.
We are proud of our bison business and look forward to assisting you. If it has to do
with buffalo, we offer you the best “buffalo chip” for your money.

Lay Valley Bison Ranch Buffalo are raised naturally on Rocky Mountain grasses,
without hormones, antibiotics or synthetic additives. We raise them under low stress
conditions with respect and care.
Lay Valley Bison meat is low in fat and calories and low in cholesterol. Our meat is from
bison raised on our ranch and processed locally.