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About Us
Recording the west is a way to practice photography and refine my eye. The vastness of the west, the solitude, and overpowering beauty are recurring themes. My intention is to tell a compelling story through a photograph. A memorable photograph conveys a sense of place, and connects people to that place and moment.

My photography documents “the real and imagined west.” “Real” in the sense that the authentic west is a place of beauty, independence, and reverence for nature embedded in our country’s history. “Imagined” in the sense that the iconic landscapes of the west are part of our country’s mythology.

Capturing the authentic west, set against the backdrop of constant change, whether it be cultural or environmental, provides a focus for my work. Ideally the images remind us to protect the landscape and cultural heritage of the west.

The backstory

Photography is an integral part of my life. As a youngster, I would borrow my Dad’s camera and explore the mountains around our home. On family vacations, and wherever adventure led me, I sought to capture on film what I saw and felt. I marveled at the pictures of Alfred Eisenstadt and Ansel Adams. Looking back, that begins to explain why I have a passion for black and white photography.

A career and family redirected my trajectory, with photography continuing to play a supporting role. When photography once again knocked on the door, it was welcomed with open arms.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado is the perfect base camp. There is a mix of ranching and agriculture, outdoor recreation, natural landscapes, wildlife, and stunning beauty available outside our front door. The Yampa River flows through downtown, and is one of the few free-flowing rivers left in the west.

There is a thriving creative community, and an incredible diversity of cultural activities for a small mountain town. There are photographers, graphic designers, musicians, fine artists, actors, writers, and every other type of creative imaginable.

There are also a multitude of venues for artists to share their work and creative talents. This ranges from a historic downtown theater to a modern performance hall, and many other indoor and outdoor locations for the performing arts. For visual arts, there are a variety of choices, including the historic Depot and many private galleries.