My Sweet Indulgence
Address: p.o. box 1043, 205 Arthur ave Oak Creek, CO, 80467
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Phone: 970-761-9227
About Us
I created ‘My Sweet Indulgence’ from my passion for the Culinary Arts. While some kids had lemonade stands in their youth, I started with pastry stands selling an assortment of cookies and brownies to my neighbors.
Hospitality is in my blood. I started working restaurants in the front of the house and I enjoyed learning the art of providing excellent customer service.
In 1999 I decided I wanted to learn the back of house to be part of the creative process of fine dining as a chef. I graduated in 2001 with an AAS in Culinary Arts from UVSC.
I am grateful to the many chefs whom I have worked with. As a result of their example I learned the importance of high standards in production and in food safety. They inspired me to strive for excellence in everything I do.
While studying Culinary Arts, I was introduced to the art of candy making by a friend. Her family had been making candies for generations. Part of their Christmas tradition was to use these family recipes to make holiday gifts for friends and family.
They shared recipes and techniques with me that that I was able to draw on years later to create “My Sweet Indulgence”. My commitment to you is that you will experience all the love and passion I have in every tasty morsel.