Meyer Family Farm
Contact: Dan, Michele, Sam, Sarah and Emma Meyer
Address: 23150 Snowshoe Lane Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487
Email Address:
Phone: 970-214-2298
About Us
Greens, Eggs & Ham from our local family farm in Steamboat Springs
Vegetables are grown naturally, with no chemicals or pesticides in our family garden. Emma's Excellent Eggs are our daughter, Emma who is 12 years old and has 40 chickens as part of her 4-H projects. Her chickens are very happy and well loved. They have a large coop and lots of free range time in our pasture. Our pigs are also 4-H projects for our older children, Sam and Sarah. We are hoping to have pork, ham, and bacon to sell from our pigs, which are also 4-H projects for the kids.