Contact: Kris Brannan
Address: 60285 Hwy 318 Maybell, CO, 81640
Email Address:
Phone: 970-734-7915
About Us
“A happy animal is a healthy animal!”

5th generation farm and ranchers, Kris Nisbeth Cammer Brannan and husband Ed Brannan have been in the agriculture business all their lives. They believe in being good stewards to their livestock and the land, and are always trying to improve on their methods in order to make their ranch more productive.

What We Raise:

•2015 Leghorn Chickens which lay white eggs & a few brown, as well as some green, egg layers

•Ducks and Geese

•Black Angus Cattle

•White Duroc Pigs

Our Birds:
The chickens and ducks have a 1,600 sq ft house which we built into the ground with an east-facing glass wall to help maintain temperatures. A 3,200 sq ft fenced yard keeps our birds safe from predators while they free-range.
Birds have access to fresh spring water at all times, via a spring we discovered when we built the coop and our pond keeps our ducks and geese happy and well-groomed.

Our Pigs:
The pigs roam in a ~1/2 acre pen, which we irrigate for them in hot months so they can cool themselves in the mud. We take care to keep our pigs stress free and calm at all times, which makes for more delicious pork for our customers.

Cheese by Gossner Farms:
All natural cheese produced by Gossner Farms, a Swiss family with 120 years of cheese making experience. They even sent their oldest son to a cheese-making school in Switzerland!

I make my honey and dark chocolate syrups from honey that I buy from my neighbor who keeps bees in the Yampa Valley year-round. Our flavored whipped honey is made by a family owned business which has been operating since 1918 and still make it using traditional methods. Our honey varies in flavor and thickness, depending on the floral source. All our honey comes from high altitude mountain wildflowers.

Baked Goods:
Homemade with fresh butter from time honored family recipes, which have won numerous ribbons in state and county fairs! Homemade gluten free baked goods are also available.

All beef is grass fed and finished from Black Angus.
•Use liquid fish fertilizer on crops

•Feed our hay to all our animals, as well as use it for bedding.

•Birds are fed laying mash from a local mill, as well as oyster shells.

•Birds and eggs are hormone & antibiotic free.

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