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About Us
My name is Justin Heid and I will be a Senior at Steamboat Springs High School. I am a member of 4-H and for the last 9 years I have raised meat goats for show and sale. This year I have two private treaty goats for sale. I plan to use the money from their sale to put towards my college education and to cover the costs of maintaining and improving my small meat goat herd. These goats are the product of my breeding program.

If you have never eaten goat, try something new for dinner! Goat is the #1 consumed meat world wide. Goat is high in protein and low in fat, not to mention it is delicious grilled, roasted, braised, smoked, or in stews.
My brother and I breed and raise a small herd of Boer meat goats for 4-H projects and for sale. All of our animals are humanely raised on a diet of grass/alfalfa hay, a high quality 16% complete feed pellet, and pasture. All of our animals have access to shelter from the weather and sun, large paddocks and pastures, plenty of fresh water and feed, and lots of fresh air. All of our goats are vaccinated and wormed to insure healthy animals and a high quality product. Attention to all regulations and withdrawl times with regards to any vaccination, medication, or dewormer are strictly adhered to. All processing follows USDA regulations and the meat will be certified USDA inspected. Our goats are a part of our family, they all have names, and we love them!