C and Bee Honey
Contact: Brian Farrell
Address: PO Box 881391 Steamboat Springs, CO, 80488
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Phone: 724-309-0153
About Us
My name is Brian Farrell and I have been a local Steamboat beekeeper for 12 years. I started off building bee boxes and working for another beekeepeer part time, then 10 years ago I started my own Honey Bee company C and B Honey, LLC, with my own hives. Now, 10 years later, I have 100 local bee hives located in 4 locations in the south Steamboat area. My locations are in Deer Park, Whitewood, Oak Creek Canyon, and 14b going to Stagecoach. My bees make local honey in Steamboat each summer from June-August, then they get shipped to the California almond pollination in Fresno for the winter. All my bee hives are palletized to ship and load and tranport them around as needed. There are 4 individual bee hives on each pallet. The bees get loaded at night, or in the morning, when they're still in the hives, then get netted and strapped and shipped. Upon return from the almond pollination, the bees get shipped to Palisade, before Steamboat. It's warmer earlier, and I make my new split beehives down there in preparation for them all to come up to Steamboat for the start of the dandlions in late May, early June. My honey is mixed wildflower honey that is heated just enough for me to be able to bottle it. My bees collect nectar from dandelions, choke cherry and service berry bushes, alfalfa, different clovers. Basically any flowers that come up over the summer the bees collect the nectar and turn it into local honey.