Harrison Creek Mini Farm
Contact: Erin Birtwistle, Ryan Gelling
Address: PO Box 880441 Steamboat Springs, CO, 80488
Email Address:
Phone: 201-315-8289
About Us
Welcome to Harrison Creek Mini-Farm! We have been living and gardening in Steamboat for several years along Harrison Creek. Our mini-farm produces potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, greens, sunflowers and more while our chickens provide eggs. Everything is watered with clean irrigation water from Harrison Creek which flows directly from the Routt National Forest/Rabbit Ears Pass.

About our eggs: Our Buff Orpington hens have a large coop and run and have time each day to roam in the meadow and scratch in the leaf litter by the creek. Our happy chickens are fed an all-natural, non-medicated feed supplemented with vegetable scraps, scratch grains, seeds, bugs and grasses. We gather their eggs every day to ensure they are fresh. We hope you enjoy our eggs as much as we do!

We are currently not selling any vegetables, but hope to have some next summer.