41North Food Supply
Address: 481 Enterprise Street Hayden, CO, 81639
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Phone: 847-975-0263
About Us
41North Food Supply is 3,680 sq ft passive solar greenhouse using aquaponic technology in Hayden, Colorado. The farm is currently operated by Jay Hirschfeld along with his local partners. The goal of 41North Food Supply is to close all the loops in the food production process, bringing exceptionally fresh, high-quality food to the Yampa Valley year-round.
Aquaponics specializes in growing food by integrating fish (tilapia, bass, catfish, and koi) with plants (lettuce, salad, microgreens, other leafy greens, fruiting trees, and herbs) in a recirculating aquaculture system. We use fish feed specially derived for use in aquaponic systems. There are different stages of feeding depending on the phase of life the fish are in. The last two stages of feed is organic.