El Puente Coffee
Contact: Cooperativa Cedral, Rodolfo Valverde, Braden Diego Wilson
Address: PO Box 880094 Steamboat Springs, CO, 80488
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Phone: 970-819-5475
About Us
El Puente Coffee is the result of a decade of service learning programs between students from Steamboat Springs Middle School and a small highland Costa Rican community. El Puente works in true partnership with our farmers, returning 50% of the profits. This allows our farmers to earn over 5 times the amount possible even under Fair Trade pricing. By restructuring the traditional coffee commodity chain, we provide our customers with some of the finest single origin, high altitude, Arabica coffees from Central America while maintaining our focus squarely on the economic, social, and environmental well-being of our farmers.
Our coffees are single-origin, meaning they are coming from individual farms rather than being blends from various producers. Our approach to coffee planting, harvesting and processing is artisanal, focusing exclusively on micro-lots in order to produce a true specialty coffee. El Puente farmers pick only the most mature and ripe coffee cherries entirely by hand. At the end of each day’s harvest, the fruits are weighed, separated, and processed on site at our small coffee mills. A natural technique known as semi-washed or the honey method (café de miel) is utilized to wash our coffees. This is considered one of the most environmentally sustainable methods for washing coffee since little water is wasted in the process. El Puente employs two drying techniques: raised beds and raised solar drying beds. The use of these traditional forms of drying rather than the utilization of large industrial mechanical dryers eliminates an overuse of electricity and fossil fuels during the drying process. Our coffees are roasted on site, and brought fresh to you directly by our farmers. El Puente is the bridge linking the producer and the consumer.