Facing West Coffee Roasters
Address: 428 Emerald Ct Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487
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Phone: 561-542-8525
About Us
About Facing West Coffee Roasters:
Hello, My name is John Greco. I recently moved my family from the East Coast to Steamboat Springs permanently, and am looking forward tp having you taste coffee a little differently than what you may be used to. I am a specialty craft coffee micro-roaster featuring premium 90+ scoring microlot coffees, ranging from coveted Panama Geishas to Fair Trade Alliance [FTO] Crown Jewels, ranging from rare varietals to new & upcoming farms with an interesting story to tell. I am a little 'different' than most larger "third-wave" roasters in that I do not focus my efforts in 'building a line in my cafe', or creating a huge selections of kitschy blends...rather I aim to deliver you a simple will taste amazing Premium coffee varietals that will be delivered within 24 hours of roasting to our Co-Op, and I will NEVER sacrifice profits for tradition or quality. I believe in full transparency from farm to cup, and you will always know the story about the hands that produced your coffee and also whom personally roasted it for you.
Our Mission:
We hope that our love of roasting and preparing what we feel is a Premium cup of coffee translates every morning you wake up and brew...and I thank you for trusting us.

From Cherry to Cup:
We ONLY source the highest rated (90+), most ethically sourced, green coffee ensure that each batch of coffee we roast has been painstakingly crafted to ensure freshness, quality, and ultimately taste. We think what you pour in your cup reflects our vision for what you experience with our coffee. We strongly believe and practice "Tradition over Profit".